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I opened this book and as I read through it I had my google docs opened so that I can write my own captions while I read through it. This book is magnificently thorough. It's easy to understand and keeps my interest. I will most likely keep referring back to this book. I can't mention enough how valuable this book is to me because I'm the one that would always struggle with what to say and I believe it's going to help me to connect to my connect audience even better.

T. Moore

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I've been using your capshan ideas and I saw a raise In how many customers come to my site to purchase. Thanks, Shan

Mercedes Follett

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I love the way this guide is broken down step by step and I can tell the difference immediately on my post now and I’m now more excited to post my content now that I know what my audience wants.

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It helps you speak to your potential customers in a more personal way. I’ve gotten so creative from using this mini book and I’m glad I made the purchase... I get sales everytime I use a caption from this guide which is still mind blowing to me !!


Below is an example of one of the Education Captions:

Here’s an irresistible offer. *Read on if you’re a risk-taker* 👀

We are going to ask you a question most people get wrong! 🥴

If you get this wrong, you have to [include what you want the audience to do].

But if you get it right, you’ll get [include offer/freebie/discount for the audience].

[Ask a question here].

Think you got the right answer? Drop it in the comments!

Questions Running Through Your Mind Right Now

Okay, sounds cool. But will this work for my business?

Yes. These captions are inspired by the hundreds I've written for both products and serviced-based businesses. Best of all, they are organized by categories to match your content goals! Need more convincing? Check the additional sneak peek below.

How do I get The CapShan Glossary?

Oh, you ready! As soon as you click the button below, you'll be right at the checkout page. Then an email with the Google doc with the captions will be sent!

I don't like wasting money, can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied?

I hate wasting money, too! That's why I provide you will all the information you need to make an informed decision. Once you get access, there's no chance of a refund due to the nature of this digital product. If you're not 100% sold right now - don't grab.

I'm about to buy... anything I should know, Shan?

Yes! I want you to keep in mind Instagram is a visual platform and the success of these captions greatly depends on your attention-grabbing content. Also remember, the captions are 100% customizable so you can sprinkle in some emojis and brand personality!


Below is an example of one of the Feature/Benefits Captions:

[Product] was specially made for [audience pain point] but [has this ].

So if you’ve been feeling [annoyed/anxious/frustrated/desperate/worried/upset/ like giving up], you can find some relief with [product/service].

Example: Cool Island Morning Candle was specially made for those longing for a tropic vacation but can't get away.

So if you’ve been feeling anxious, stressed, and in need of some relaxation, you can find some relief with the soothing notes of...

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